Buick Put the LaCrosse’s Brakes on Backwards

Pop quiz, everyone! When installing brakes, the rear rotors should be installed on which of the following:

  • The front brake assembly
  • The rear brake assembly

Write your answer down and send it to the What Were You Thinking? division of General Motors. You see, despite the fact that it’s glaringly obvious, GM got it wrong and installed rear brake rotors on the front brake systems of 8,590 vehicles.

Will the brakes still work? Sure, but at a diminished capacity. Rear rotors are typically much smaller than front rotors, since front brakes require more stopping power due to the weight shift of the car. The problem affects the following models:

No recall schedule has been announced. If you haven’t heard, GM currently has their hands full with federal investigations, class-action lawsuits and a whole slew of other recalls. But once the recall begins, dealers will replace the front rotors and pads if needed.

Be on the lookout for a notice in the mail, or share your quiz answer with Buick at 800-521-7300.