The LaCrosse’s Possessed Window is Being recalled

The 2014 Buick LaCrosse is acting a bit possessed these days. Not the “360-degree-head-spinning, better-call-an-exorcist” variety of possessed, but more along the lines of a b-rated horror flick. That’s because the windows can continue to work long after the car has been turned off … spooky! In some cases, the windows will even open and close themselves … SPOOKIER! Then there’s the fact that the chime might not sound when the driver’s door is opened with the key still in the ignition … SPOO … ok, that’s not as spooky.

Not as Exciting as Ghosts

Much to the chagrin of ghost-hunters across the country, this is not some prank of the undead, but instead the result of a poorly spliced wire in the driver’s door. To address the issue, over 15,000 model year Lacrosse vehicles are being recalled. Dealers will inspect the driver door window motor harness and, if needed, make a nicer splice.

What To Do Next

NHTSA has not announced when the recall will begin, but GM says in the meantime to keep an eye out for recall notices in the mail. In your other meantime, do whatever it is one does with mean time.

Concerned owners can contact 800-521-7300 with questions, but probably not with exorcism requests.