Encore and Verano Part of GM’s Block Heater Recall

Americans will soon celebrate the 4th of July with a weekend full of hot dogs and fireworks. The only thing that’s more All-American these days is a massive GM recall, and GM is happy to oblige with its 54th recall of the year, involves 8.4 million vehicles.

For perspective, that’s more defective cars and trucks than:

  • The combined population of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Montana, Delaware, South Dakota, Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont (Yes, there are people – not just cows – in VT) and Wyoming.
  • The number of calories my Uncle Hank ate over the holiday weekend. Seriously, he’s a bottomless pit.

According to GM, this round of problems is responsible for at least 7 crashes, 8 injuries and 3 deaths. The full list and details can be found here.

The Cold Wins Against Engine Block Heaters

About 20,000 vehicles have insulation on the engine block heater cord that can become damaged in very cold conditions. Less than 3,000 of these vehicles are in the US, so most are likely to be found in Canada where it gets colder than an Iced Capp from Tim Hortons in February.

It’s worth noting that not all cars come equipped with engine block heaters and those without are not affected.

What To Do Next

GM has not announced when the recall will begin. That might have something to do with the queue of 29 million vehicles waiting for repairs. In the coming months, keep an eye on your mailbox for an official recall notice with more details. Not literally though – putting your eye on the mailbox sounds painful and might worry the neighbors.

Or try giving Chevrolet a call at 800-222-1020.