What’s That Smell? 2011 Regal Seats Catching on Fire

What’s your preferred driver seat position — close to the wheel? lounging back? rotisserie?

Oh, that last one? Yeah, it turns out Buick discovered an issue in the2011 Regal that could catch the seats on fire:

GM’s investigation revealed that 2011 Regal vehicles equipped with 8-way power adjustable front seats built at the GM-Opel Russelsheim plant in Germany had a potential for wiring harness chafing. Then the problem seems to have intensified because the automaker thought it made improvements during production but now says the changes may not have helped.

The problem was first pointed out 8 months ago, that’s a lot of charred bun potential. And while you might think that big of a problem would light a fire under GM’s butt (pun fully intended), you’d be wrong — GM still doesn’t know when the recall will begin.